WP&L has vast experience applying industry tested solutions to labeling requirements.

Let us solve your labeling needs.


Many of our labels are applied to parts used for space exploration that include the recently retired space shuttles. These labels are constructed using Polyester – Polypropylene for durability and longevity. 


Starting with Henry Ford, the driving force in the automotive industry has always been efficiency through automation. Why not take that same philosophy and apply it to your labeling processes. BarTender Labeling Software offer a wide range of AIAG compliant formats and barcodes that includes multiple GTIN requirements.


Labeling electronic components is a very unique task that requires a unique solution.

Often an electronics manufacturer will require small labels, a high resolution printer capable of printing 2D barcodes and software to make it all work. WP&L has everything you need to Track Work-In-Process, automate testing and provide quality control.

Food & Beverage

Our custom food & beverage labels are available in a variety of materials and adhesives depending on your application. We take into consideration all of the things your labels will face so your product makes a better first impression with your customers. We offer die-cut, cut-to-size or roll formats that can be applied to jars, bottles, plastic containers, etc..


Whitehouse Printing & Labeling supplies thermal transfer Tyvek and various other synthetic materials used in the furniture industry. With our expertise in BarTender labeling software, printers and this media we add value to this industry.


Throughout the manufacturing process tracking materials and WIP goods are extremely important. Having the right media supplies and printers can mean the difference in success. Labeling and barcoding your goods and materials can help streamline your manufacturing process and increase productivity.

Determining the right LABELS and RIBBONS for your application can be a difficult task, but we can help!

Using the correct HARDWARE and SOFTWARE for printing labels and scanning barcodes can make or break a labeling system. Can your labeling process be improved? We can answer that question.

Medical Device

Through our partner distribution of BarTender Labeling Software, WP&L can help companies in this industry address parts of the required FDA CFR Part 11 Regulations. These regulations require detail in the areas of access control, logging standards, and electronic signatures required to implement a “secure” electronic record-keeping system. Since labeling software is almost always used as part of a larger software system, BarTender offers its users certain parts to meet these requirements through its core security functions required in the area of label design and printing to support implementation of a secure labeling system. For more detailed information on the relevant portion of the United States Code of Federal Regulations, please see:

WP&L also offers many custom label configurations that specifically tailors the labeling operation to our customer’s needs. Examples include multiple die cut peel out boxes that contain ID barcodes required for hospital disbursement, piggy back multiple layer labels and “void” labels.

Packaging Distributors

The founding partners of WP&L began a strong working relationship with Veritiv in 1995. In 2002 this business partnership helped create WP&L by giving the founders the confidence to start a new company. This relationship continues to thrive today as Veritiv continues to be our largest customer.

Our ability to offer a complete labeling solution has also been instrumental by establishing business relationships with a multiple of other nationally known packaging distributorships. We continue to grow this segment of our business and would welcome the opportunity to work with you!